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Contract Management

We are happy to draft, review, and negotiate contracts. These services include:

  1. Statement of work preparation
  2. Small Business programs
  3. Contract writing and file setup
  4. Proposal support
  5. Program Management
  6. Acquisition planning & assessment
  7. Contract negotiations
  8. Termination settlements

Proposal Support

Proposal responses are incorporated in the contract and greatly affect price, savings, schedule, and profitability.  However, a company that cannot prove technical capability, resources, and managerial skills will not win.  Our staff can write a proposal response for you to prove your company is qualified to do the work so you can develop winning proposals.  Commodore Consulting works with companies of all sizes.

How We Will Help You

- Provide Proposal Templates (technical, management, staffing, price, etc.)
- Conduct proposal training for your staff
- Create Technical proposal
- Create Price Proposal or Pricing information
- Prepare past performance information to document company experience
- Proposal evaluation
- Develop proposal responsibility matrices to assess information required
- Prepare, Review, or Negotiate teaming or subcontract agreements



Termination Settlements

Beware. You may be entitled to payment for costs incurred to stop work if your contract is terminated for convenience or default. 

We can help:  

  1. Prepare your termination proposal
  2. Termination settlement agreement preparation and review
  3. Assist with contract termination negotiations