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Proposal Writing: More Than Just the Basics

Perfecting Price

​​The Commodore Consulting Team has over 20 years of actual government contracting experience as contract officers and government contractors.  We also have experience with commercial contracts.  This expertise gives us insight to help you better define RFP requirements as well as provide better proposal responses.

Over $8 million dollars is lost by businesses each year due to poor proposal writing, don’t let that be you.  Proposal responses are incorporated in the contract and greatly affect price, savings, schedule, and profitability.  However, a company that cannot prove technical capability, resources, and managerial skills will not win.  Our staff can write a proposal response for you to prove your company is qualified to do the work so you can develop winning proposals.  Commodore Consulting works with companies of all sizes.

How We Will Help You

- Provide Proposal Templates (technical, management, staffing, price, etc.)
- Conduct proposal training for your staff
- Create Technical proposal
- Create Price Proposal or Pricing information
- Prepare past performance information to document company experience
- Proposal evaluation
- Develop proposal responsibility matrices to assess information required
- Prepare, Review, or Negotiate teaming or subcontract agreements

Industry Experience

Information Technology – IT


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