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  •  Contract Interpretation Tips
  • 1 free 15 minute webinar
  • Past Performance Template

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  •  Contract Interpretation Tips
  • 3 free 30 Minute Webinars
  • 3 Proposal Templates -past performance, technical proposal, and staff management 
  • GSA Mod Package
  • Proposal Assessment

  •  Contract Interpretation Tips
  • 2 free 30 Minute Webinars
  • 2  Proposal Templates -past performance and technical proposal
  • Proposal Assessment


Commodore Consulting membership provides access to cutting edge information, unlimited support, networking opportunities, online webinars and exclusive member benefits. Enjoy an online webinar a month and early registration for special trainings with any membership. The membership is ranked by levels, Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

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Proposal Writing: More Than Just the Basics

July 25, 2016

Perfecting Price

July 27, 2016

Two-Day Interactive Webinar

GSA High Intensity Training

August 2016
Atlanta, Georgia

GSA High Intensity Training
July 2016
Chicago, Illinois



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