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Proposal Writing: More Than Just the Basics

Perfecting Price


Government contracts generate $50 billion a year in federal sales using the GSA schedule program. Grow your business by using one of the top acquisition vehicles in the federal government. This contract let's potential buyers know your company offers products/services at pre-approved pricing and has been deemed technically competent to work with federal government.  Grow your business by limiting the competition with government sales. Increase your chance of GSA approval the first time to win more work. 

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More than 70% GSA schedule applications are rejected with their first GSA proposal submission. Commodore Consulting has over 25 years of experience in acquisition, government policy and federal contracting. Our dedicated staff provides complete proposal preparation, review, and negotiations. Commodore Consulting also assist buyers and sellers with renewals, modifications, proposal support; GSA Audits and compliance. We are a full-service GSA Schedule consulting company.  Learn More!!